Japanese animated travel posters.
Collage style motion graphics design. Art Direction, Motion Design. Client: Shutterstock

For this collection I was tasked with making a series of short promotional animations that could be paired with the upcoming Japan 2020 Olympics. These clips would be used within marketing materials to help showcase Shutterstock's offerings of Japanese inspired video clips for sale.  
Each clip is a seamless loop using the same color pallet and similar graphic elements. This created a consistent flow where each clip can be used either individually or together.
Posterized time was used to create the choppy film timing which helps sell the idea of cut and paste collage work. The look is very tactile and features lots of layering and grungy textures to remind the viewer of the nostalgia of what it's like to touch and feel construction paper, scissors, and glue.  
The color pallet is very simple. A red circle, like the Japanese flag, draws the eye to the center of the video. Black, white, and beige are very prominent with just a touch of a few other colors. The main footage has a thin white outline around it to give it a slight comic book feeling.
Several stock elements were cut out and recolored for these videos. Below you can see a montage of most of the elements that were used. The flowers "blooming" were created directly in After Effects.
Below is the red circle slowly pulsating, the textures cycling, and the footage of the chef rotoscoped with the cycling texture applied on top. 
This project was a lot of fun to design and make. The Japanese flag is such a strong and lovely graphic element. The collage style is super fun to do, especially since I'm a big crafting fan when I'm not at my computer. The tactile textures are great to work with and I hope to be using them a lot in my next pieces.