Hi! I'm Joanna. This is me at my peak-coolness wearing my California Raisins t-shirt. 

I'm a creator based out of Montreal, Quebec. I have a passion for making videos. Specifically I love Art Direction, Motion Design, Compositing, Editing, and Illustration. I have worked on feature films, tv shows, commercials, AAA video games, corporate videos, and stock videos and images.
As a Motion Art Director, I specialize in translating creative strategy, branding, and messaging into immersive visual roadmaps that guide teams and clients to delightful destinations.
I work closely and harmoniously with Creative and Marketing Directors/Teams to translate creative strategy, branding, and messaging into visual mood and storyboards that determine design direction, fulfil client and project aspirations, and establish guidelines that keep projects cohesive.
I oversee the choices to identify the best medium for a project, be it 2D/3D animation, motion graphics, live action, stock, or a combination of methods that pack the perfect punch.  
I represent and manage teams of designers and other creatives. I coordinate between the design/creative team and other departments. I represent the throughline that connects all the parts that have to work together to achieve shared goals. 
I maintain high standards to create unique results that exceed client expectations. I aim to delight. I love what I do. I'm curious, creative, and courageous, and always in search of interesting new challenges.
Don't hesitate to contact me if you want to talk about collaborating on projects together.