I was tasked with creating an overall general reel for Shutterstock to show their vast collection of videos, images, custom content creation, 3D assets, and more. My challenge was taking all these different content types and making a concise, cohesive, energetic short video that could be used by the Sales people.
Above is how I showed that in addition to shooting custom branded content, Shutterstock Studios takes care of the Social Media marketing and outputs as well.
Offset is Shutterstock's high end image brand. In order to pack in more content, I decided on a grid array for certain segments. This made the video dynamic and fun, and allowed for some pops of color.
Some segments I toned down the color and kept them basic black and white. This allows the pops of color to stand out more when they come up. It also gives your brain a bit of a rest so that you can better ingest the vast array of images that are coming at you.
This was a fun video to work on. I had creative liberty to do the Art Direction and set the fast pace with the use of editing and motion graphics.