I am thrilled to share this personal animated video project that has been a labor of love for the past 1.5 years! The History of the Graham cracker. It's WILD.
I started working on it while on maternity leave (naps!) and I continued during the gaps between my freelance contracts.
The folding effect was created with real stop motion! I had a really basic setup that did the trick: the camera on my phone, a cheap tripod, and a piece of white paper. I printed out the images from the video and took photos of them in various folded up states. 
Some scenes called for the use of 3D. I used a model of a pot which I animated in Cinema4D to create the movement that I needed. I then painted over each frame in photoshop to make it seamlessly blend in with the rest of the animated collage look.
I absolutely LOVED making this collage style explainer animation and hope to do more in the near future.
Writing credit goes to Jessie Lowenfeld who helped me flesh out the story.