I am thrilled to present my latest project as the Art Director and Motion Graphics Designer for the exciting kids TV show: "Green Squad!" airing on TVO kids. 

The show sees five environmentally savvy hosts challenge kids to make eco-friendly lifestyle changes so they can all help make their homes and communities greener and cleaner. 

From conceptualization to execution, I led the creative direction of the show's graphics, ensuring every visual element was meticulously crafted to captivate and entertain young audiences. 
Visual development:
During the visual development phase, I created several styleboards, logo concepts, and font options in collaboration with the Producer, Stephanie Blanshay. Our goal was to identify the most effective design elements that would capture the unique graphic style of the show.
The project was brought to life with an emphasis on creating fun and vibrant visuals. I meticulously crafted eye-catching graphics, incorporated bright backgrounds, and implemented playful transitions, all of which helped breathe life into the world of the show.
Above is a compilation showing some highlights from the episodes' Green Beats. Each of the 13 episodes had 3x 45 second fully animated segments. Each spoke to a different ecological theme from reducing your carbon footprint, to finding ways of cutting down on single use plasitics. 
It was inspiring to use my artistic skills to create visually engaging content that educates and raises awareness about important ecological issues in a way that resonates with young viewers. Seeing how the show positively impacted children's understanding and appreciation for the environment brought me joy, and I am proud to have contributed to fostering a sense of environmental consciousness among the next generation through my work on the show.
I am so proud to be part of the team at Apartment 11 who have all come together to make this show a reality.