- Graphic Design for film props -

This is a series I decided to make after getting inspired by an interview I saw with Annie Atkins. I already had the graphic design knowledge, and oodles of arts & crafts supplies, so I decided to dive in. 
I picked the story of the Wizard of Oz; specifically, I asked the question "What would the Wicked Witch have on her night stand?".  I came up with some dry shampoo (she can't be around water of course!), some cough syrup (I somehow remember her voice being kind of hoarse), a fancy cream made for green skin tones, and some matches.
For the cream box, I decided to base my design off a real vintage fancy Parisian cream. For the sketchy drawing in the corner, I put a flying monkey. I tested out printing it on different papers. I also tested out painting gold glitter on some of the lettering so that the camera could catch certain glimmers. 
The bottle labels were also based off real vintage designs (and insane ingredients!).  
The matchbook design takes the same monkey that was used on the cream box but puts it in a more art deco type design.
I'm still experimenting with different prop making techniques. If anyone has any suggestions for resources I'd love to hear them!