I work with clients from human-centered design teams in any stage of their visual storytelling process. From initial concept development, to scriptwriting, storyboarding, illustrating, designing, animating, and editing- I help teams produce compelling stories that move ideas forward.
In this personal project, I explore a customer's experience with the future of a car sharing service.
I created the script, storyboards, animatic, design, and animation.
Here is the process on how I work:
Storyboard + Script Writing: 
After a meeting with my client and learning about the product or service they are developing, I write a script and make a storyboard based on the visual story that we agree to. These drawings are meant to be quick and easy to modify based on the changing needs. The point of this video is to get at the heart of the idea.  
After the storyboard is done, I make an animatic with a temporary voice over. This is where we get to really see how the visual storytelling is shaping up. 
Final Video:
Once the animatic is finalized, I make either a "low fidelity" or "high fidelity" version, depending on needs and time constraints. 
Here's a snippet of an example of the High Fidelity version. 
This version includes:
- Small animations with full backgrounds
- Professional voiceover
- Music track

Here's  a small sample of what the "High Fidelity" version looks like:
Sometimes clients have a need to start meetings with a bang! Mood videos are a great way to create hype when you don't necessarily have very much visual content to show. I use a combination of stock images, videos, and custom animations with custom text to create the perfect piece.
I have over 15 years experience working with clients in a wide range of industries from videogames, tech, financial services, pharma, and more. I know how visual storytelling can simplify complex information and aid in the understanding and getting ideas across.

I specialize in creating visual content for human-centered design teams in the innovation industry. I've created a flexible storytelling process that allows for ease in collaboration which accelerates the process of development. 

Have a project that you think would benefit from visual storytelling? Let's talk about it! joannagoldman@gmail.com